“Being a squeaky wheel, getting grease.”

Oh my gosh … we’re home! Like HOME home. No more shows, no more travel … done.

But, wow … this last week was full-on. And it was largely metastatic breast cancer-related. So, we spend a lot of time in this episode talking about metastatic breast cancer! It’s important, especially in Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is largely a bunch of pinkwashing bullshit, but we digress. But we’ll talk about that too!

We also had a wonderful final house concert to put a lovely exclamation point on what was easily our best touring season yet. We’re thrilled about how well it all went. We talk about this a bit as well.

Note 1: if you want to do something helpful and productive for metastatic breast cancer, then give money to MET UP and/or METAvivor.

Note 2: we need new Listener Topics! Post in the group or message one of us, please and thank you.

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