“Honorary ‘metal’ status is kind of a big deal.”

Holy smokes – we’ve been married for ten years! Our anniversary was Friday. It feels … oddly adult? We’ve been through a lot in those ten years. Like a lot a lot. We’re both completely different people than we were when we started. When you commit to a life with someone, you don’t freeze them in amber; you join them on their continuing adventure of self-discovery and change. Which means that then you’re dealing with TWO people’s ongoing life changes … yours and your partner’s. It’s a constantly evolving learning process.

With that in mind, we spend the second half of this episode doing a bit of a 10-year Jamie + Shannon marriage recap. We talk about how we met, how Jamie proposed (it was unconventional), highlights, challenges, how we’ve changed, and what we’ve learned.

And of course also we’re still on tour! And tour was awesome this week too. We were guest lecturers at a university! And we had three wonderful house concerts. We’ll tell you all about it, with diversions about equal access to education and the things we use in our lives to check out, among other things. It’s a full episode. Welcome back!

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