“Weapons of truth-telling.” πŸ“’

It can often seem like we’re powerless against the horrors of white supremacist fascism on the rise here in the U.S. β€” like the murder of 10 Black people at a grocery store this week β€” but there is one small, yet vitally important and powerful, weapon that every last one of us has at our disposal: our language.

We also cruise through other topics like how we can be better media consumers, how goth is a black hole (answer: so goth), and the Zen Buddhist nature of β€œRow, Row, Row Your Boat.”

Here’s the Washington Post article on how to spot a fake video: https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2021/03/19/how-spot-fake-video/

And here’s that InVID site … just paste a video link from Twitter / Facebook / YouTube, and it’ll help you figure out how trustworthy the video and the person sharing it are! https://www.invid-project.eu/