“People *do* have values.” 🏳️‍⚧️

We get into some good, deep stuff this week, all wrapped up neatly in roughly an hour of us on mics — which stands for microphone, and does not refer to one or more persons named Mike. Just … FYI.

Topics include: good news about California vehicle emissions standards, a brain-bending perspective on the size of the solar system, the relationship between internalized capitalism and self-worth, the great daylight savings debate, a new song about the power in admitting powerlessness, how to respond to right-wing propaganda-addled folks who (wrongly) complain that Biden is to blame for high gas prices, how anti-trans efforts are (horrifyingly) aimed at nothing short of extermination, and how the people of Ukraine are reminding all of us about our values, our humanity, and what’s worth fighting for.

Here is a good list of specific ways to help advocate for trans kids in some of the states in which they’re coming under attack, courtesy of Misfit Star Bonnie R: https://20465691.hs-sites.com/rally-against-anti-trans-legislation-a-state-by-state-guide