“The bond we have is strong enough to get us through.”

EXCITING NEWS: we’ve totally revamped the Misfit Stars support structure! So, what does this mean for you? Well, if you’re a supporting member of Misfit Stars, it means that you’re going to be getting FREE STUFF IN THE MAIL. Like, we’re going to mail free stuff TO YOUR HOUSE! Sticker sheets, tee shirts, and the BRAND NEW MISFIT STARS MUG are going to be coming to your door. It’s like Christmas in January!

And if you’re not a supporting member of Misfit Stars … now would be a great time to become one. $10 is now the tee-shirt level; at $20 you get a tee shirt AND A MUG; it’s an impossible bounty.

Also, we talk in this episode about how we work through potentially fraught disagreements as a couple. It’s a good conversation. Thanks as always for joining us!

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