“It starts with the idea that it’s possible.”

Moving to a new place is an opportunity to redefine your relationship with what it is to live in a community. An opportunity that we’ve accepted wholeheartedly! Aided by the a-hole developers who are trying to build an unwanted storage facility in our neighborhood. There’s nothing like banding together to fight for a common cause to foster unity.

Misfit Star Katie R. posed an interesting Listener Topic to us last month that we’ve been holding on to until today: what have we learned, practically and about ourselves, since becoming homeowners? We realized that our answers to this question are very different now than they would have been even three months ago, and that we credit a lot of that to the sense of community we’ve found here. Our discussion starts there, and evolves into an impassioned rant about housing justice. Because when you break it apart, they’re inextricably intertwined topics.

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