“Is today the day the vultures come?”

So we managed to do this podcast for twelve entire episodes without getting into politics! But then we hit Episode 13. 😂 Don’t worry, though, it’s not bad. In fact we think it’s really good! Apropos of our family visit in Vermont, Jamie unpacks his evolving and complicated feelings toward his parents, whom he loves very much, but from whom he has realized he’s on the opposite side of a vast political divide over this last couple of years. We explore how and why that situation has recently improved, in the hope that it might help someone out there who’s been experiencing the same thing with their family or loved ones. It was a great discussion – a very vulnerable discussion to have in front of microphones – and we hope it holds some value for you.

And then in the second part of the episode, we talk through a listener topic from Jean W. When is it okay to be selfish? Spoiler alert: Shannon has some cool and somewhat avant-garde thoughts about this.

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