“Serenity is not ‘I’m at the spa.'” 🛁

It’s the final episode in our series on sobriety and recovery! Shannon talks this week about specific tools she uses on a daily basis to keep her recovery on track and to reorient herself when she hits a snag.

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“Cowpaths in the brain.”

We continue onward with our sobriety miniseries! This week: Jamie talks about the changes he’s experienced in his life as a result of his recovery work.

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“Not recovered — recovering.”

We’re finishing up our thorough trip through the twelve steps. Today: steps 10-12, aka “the maintenance steps.”

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“Imagine if the dust under your couch could kill you.”

We’re continuing with our sobriety and recovery miniseries! This week: Steps 5-9.

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“The loopiness has kicked in.”

It was our intention to talk about the next section of the twelve steps. But then the covid booster shots kicked in. Don’t worry, though; we still covered plenty of good ground.

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“Control problems.”

We’re continuing our miniseries on sobriety and recovery! This week we start talking specifically about the 12 steps. What are they and how do they work?

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“The difference between abstinence and sobriety.”

There are some concepts around sobriety and recovery that people who have been through that process just sort of throw around, that normies might not necessarily understand in a nuanced way. So we thought we’d pause Jamie’s recovery story this week to talk through some of those ideas, so when they come up subsequently you’ll know what we’re talking about.

“How low can you go?”

It’s Jamie’s turn to share, as we continue our miniseries on sobriety and recovery! Jamie talks today about the “what happened” part of his journey — that critical turning point from pre-sobriety into sobriety. 

Plus we dig into Shannon’s Personal Song “A Letter,” as part of our ongoing Personal Song Spotlight series.

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“No more plate-spinning.”

Shannon continues this week with her “Benefits of Recovery, Part Two.” She’s so much healthier than she used to be!

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